Bartender and screen recording question

Hi there!

I am a long time lurker and a long time MPU listener. I’m wondering if you all can help me with a question.

Everybody seems to use Bartender. It would be a big help for me too.

However, I’m uncomfortable with the fact that it records your screen and I’m wondering how forum users interpret this fact.

That is, when you allow it to record your screen, are you allowing the app’s developers to record everything that you do and just hoping that they don’t do anything careless or malicious with what they observe?

Is that what screen recording really means here?

It seems a little nuts to me to allow a group of people that you don’t know to monitor everything that you do on your computer.

What do you think?

Thanks so much for existing!

This should allay your fears :slight_smile: macOS Catalina and Screen Recording Permission | Bartender 3 (

Yeah, I saw that too. However, that still raises the same question for me: how do we know that they are not recording our screens if we have allowed them to do so? They say they’re not recording the screen, but should we just take them on their word here? I’m not sure how I feel about that…

well I’ve blocked bartender making any connections (with little snitch) and it’s not complaining.

In the end it’s all about trust. Do you trust the developer?
Bartender has been around a long time and is well respected in the mac community. I’d have thought it would have been found out if it was doing that.


This is the answer. If you want to make sure, use something like Little Snitch to block it’s outgoing traffic.

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