Basic AirPrint Printer recommendations please

I am in need of a basic document printer for home printing. No photo printing, no scanning or other multi-function capabilities needed. Just light, daily, document printing for family needs (kids homework, travel documents, etc). The only required feature is AirPrint functionality for an all Apple Household (Macs, iPads, iPhones). My needs are basic but I am willing to pay for quality so I am not particularly price sensitive.

Any recommendations would be appreciated !

Thanks in advance!

I’ve had great experiences with Brother b&w laser printers. Here’s one with AirPrint for $80 - it’s the update to the one I’ve been using for two years at home:


I second @bowline’s recommendation. I have the same one. I switched to laser a few years ago when I got sick of running out of ink.


Thirded! I think the one I have at home is a slightly different model, but it’s been working great. I did have some trouble getting it working initially, but their support were great (over email then ended up connecting remotely to my computer during a phone call to fix the problem).

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Regarding AirPrint, I find it extremely strange that the Airport Express never got the firmware update to support AirPrint to an USB attached printer.

My trusty old Brother just keeps ticking, so it sure would have been handy.

Thanks for the recommendation and for the 2nd and 3rd votes of confidence. I will check it out!

Plus 1 for the brother printer. I have the same one, and it is reliable. Also it frequently goes on sale.

I wasn’t in the market for a printer, but full duplex is tempting me! Thanks for starting this and the recommendation!

Wow, same Brother printer here - it works great for us and always appears on iOS devices as an airprint printer.

OK, OK. I ordered it already! :joy:

Thanks again to everyone for the input!