Basic Bluetooth Mouse (for Windows switchers)?

I’m training a few folks at my church to do the editing for our online services (using FCP on an M1 13" MBP). They’re doing great with the software, but all of them are Windows users who have never used trackpads before, and that is the real pain point for them. So I’m looking for a real basic two-button mouse, BT preferably since there’s only 2 ports on the MBP, that will be easy for them to use. Any suggestions? I do not need / want anything programmable or scriptable. Just left-click, right-click.



Maybe M590 from Logitech? Works out of the box with the Mac and the silent clicks are really nice.

The Tecknet mice via Amazon cost less than £20 and are solid. Don’t know if they’re available in the US.

The Apple Magic Mouse works really well with a MacBook Pro.

It does, but it’s not what I’m looking for (a mouse with two physical buttons, more “familiar” for Windows users).


I don’t think it makes a huge difference. Unless you’re gaming (in which case Magic Mouse sucks as you can’t use both buttons simultaneously), using Magic Mouse isn’t really different from a traditional PC mouse, at least with basic actions. I’m there’s different means (touchpad vs wheel) but generally saying it feels very natural. If you can justify the price it’s a really nice choice.

The OP wants this for use by those who aren’t necessarily familiar with IT. So he needs a mouse with proper buttons so that can get up to speed asap.

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Magic Mouse would be rough for these people, I’m almost certain.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any ergonomic Bluetooth or receiver-based wireless mouse here. Hand size is one consideration, though. This HP is a good choice that is a little smaller. MX Master 2S is larger. I personally prefer MX Master 3 but the 2S has fewer buttons and is cheaper.

I don’t like the non-ergonomic mice but there are tons of symmetrical options out there, too.

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