Basic Mac user's beginner's class

She’s not really my grandma but you get the idea – a friend who is a verrrrrry basic user had a Mac which (long story) is hosed. I am helping her out.

What she really needs is a class. I am thinking that if she gets a new Mac, the classes at Apple could be a good start – yes? Or are there other providers (Bay Area, around Palo Alto-San Jose)? Online? I want to get her able to do basic operations and use Excel (or more likely, Numbers) to do spreadsheets.

Maybe something from

Check out the course ‘Computer Literacy for Mac’ on

There is a lot of power under the Help menu of the genuine Apple applications.
Start with finder!,N0bfKOvERSiAp06mHOcgOQ&notification=0#apps

Check with local senior centers for classes… Often they start with how to turn on and off … frequently lots of beginners at the same level… easier fo the instructor to instruct…

“Today at Apple” is the new learning system that Apple has rolled out to assist Users (both new and experienced) with getting up to speed on whatever topic they want to learn about. Every Apple store offers this program.

Local Mac User Groups are also a great source of information. Senior Centers are another option. Many local Libraries offer computer related classes too! My Library offers free access.

Before I made the switch to Mac I watched quite a few YouTube videos to get a flavour of what it was like. One of the videos which was quite well done was by this guy:

The video I watched at the time was one orientated towards Sierra and it did end up going into some fairly technical detail.

This video (from the first few moments) looks like it’s much more beginner orientated and it’s for Mojave:

Might be worth a quick look to see if you think it’s pitched at the right level for your friend?

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This is one of the best classes for Starting on Mac that I have seen…

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