Batch process PDF workflow request


I would like to have a workflow on my iPad that can take several PDFs from apples ios mail app and do the following,

Insert current date - (PDF name)

Since iOS mail app on iPad you cannot select multiple items to save i would be dragging and dropping them onto the workflow to run it.

And from what i can see on iPhone you cant do any of that, just save one at a time.

Does anyone have a workflow like this to share or could someone make one and share it please?

Thanks in advance

This might be part of the solution…

… What happens if you drag a PDF onto a Workflow workflow - in Split Screen? A fortiori, a bunch of them all at once?

I’m just wondering if Workflow can do the processing.

What do you mean by this? Is this renaming the file, producing a list of the files?

Overall, what is it you are trying to do and are you tied to just using the Apple Mail app or if there were other options (I can’t figure yet if there are), would you be willing to use another app/web service/etc?

Finally, does it all need to be handled on device or can you hand off to another machine (e.g. an always on Mac at home/work) to handle any of the processing?

What i mean is rename the files with the format, current date - PDF NAME.pdf

I am mainly working on the iPad using apple mail although i also have spark which i use to use but now prefer the stock app

I have mail and workflow running in split view and want to drag and drop multiple PDFs onto a workflow that uses the current PDF name and inserts the current date to the start.

I can do that step an have it save but I don’t know how to have it process several files at a time doing the rename and save