Batch Unsubscribing to Email without SaneBox or

Is there a tool besides Sandbox or that can help speed up the unsubscribe process? I really liked, but after their public embarrassment of selling data, I like many, bailed.

I have my mail rules pretty well set up, but I would love a faster way to unsubscribe.

Any options?

You can search “unsubscribe” and manually unsubscribe from each one.

Small note here, don’t unsubscribe from a service that you didn’t subscribe to in the first place. Mark them as spam.


Heard Gmail has a feature for this now built in. I’ll be using it heavily on the desktop as I’ve had to ditch Sanebox (can’t justify the cost at the moment).

Gmail and Yahoo have the ability to unsubscribe built into their services now. Aside from that I’d just unsubscribe manually.

Knowing what your interests include (or included) can be valuable. Those services generally monetize by selling user profiles … which then themselves get resold and then collated into larger profiles which build sophisticated user data on you and tens of millions of others. (And companies like Facebook purchase that data from brokers, fyi, to further build up their own profiles of you to better categorize you so they can maximize ad revenue from targeting).

So I’d suggest just unsubscribing manually. I can’t remember the last time I received a commercial email that wasn’t spam that didn’t include an unsubscribe (or 'Change your email preferences) link at bottom.