Bate Stamping Multiple PDF Files

Anyone have any recommendations for Mac software that can bate stamp multiple pdf files at the same time numbering them consecutively across the various files?

I want to be able to point the software at a group of pdf files and have the software apply bate stamps (essentially a footer with and a page number) to all the pages within the files numbering the pages consecutively from the first page of the first file to the last page of the last file. I have Adobe Acrobat Pro but it can’t do this across multiple files.

I know PDF Expert can do Bates numbering,
BUT I don’t know if it will work across files

PDF Expert Bates Numbering

On Mac, I use PDFPenPro for this. Also, this may not be of interest to you, but DocReviewPad on the iPad does a great job Bates stamping. That’s my go-to solution.

You can do that using Adobe Acrobat.
Tools - Edit PDF - - More - Bates Numbering - “Add…” - Add Files (then add files) - Output Options - then choose Target Folder - choose “Replace file names with starting and ending Bates number” - check/uncheck “Overwrite existing files” and whatever other options you want.

The only thing I can’t get it to do automatically is include the bates number range in the file name.