Battery Backup Recommendations?

It seems that my APC Back-UPS Pro 1000 is giving me some trouble. It’s been running great for 6 years. But in the last 2 weeks, it spits out an F02 error code and everything connected to it loses power instantly. (my Synology and a few other devices). For those who are curious what my load was on there, it has decreased since I got a Rack cabinet with a power strip.

Devices on the APC

  1. Synology NAS (DS1513+)
  2. Modem
  3. SolarCity Box Thingy that talks to my panels
  4. Lutron Bridge

The only reason for items 2, 3, 4, they cover up other slots on the power strip due to their design.

I am planning on reaching out again for the 2nd time to APC about this same issue.
But does anyone have any recommendations for a Battery Backup that they use?

At 6 years old, the battery pack may be at the end of its life. If you have not yet done so, I would recommend replacing the battery pack to see if that resolves the issue.

APC has a a battery selector page to determine the correct battery module. You can then decide whether to purchase an OEM or third party compatible version from the vendor of your choosing.


Good to know, I was considering switching to a CyberPower.

I always use the 1500 size APC and sometimes add a battery extension pack.
Don’t forget to connect the Synology to the APC with the special USB cable and set the shutdown procedure in the power management settings.

I have a CyberPower 1500 that I bought in January. Haven’t had any issues with it. Its load includes:
Synology 918+
iMac Pro
LG 27”
External drive
USB hub
AirPort Extreme
Hue Hub
Cable modem
It talks to the Synology and will shut it down when needed. It would be nice if there was a network client to shut down the iMac. I haven’t looked into that.

For a solution to power bricks covering outlets, have a look at these pigtails.

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How long betere the battery is depleted when you loose powet?

Power losses longer than flickers are pretty rare here, so I don’t have good data. I believe the last time we had an outage, the display said 20 minutes.
I’ll try to do a test this weekend.


It lasted 12 minutes. According to the 5 segment graph on the UPS, it was at 40% load capacity with the iMac Pro, Synology, etc. (as near as one can tell with a 5 segment graph).

Agree with comments.
Replace the battery, it’s very straight forward

If you’re a CostCo member, this on sale for $149.99

CyberPower 1400VA / 900Watts True Sine Wave Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Do you see a benefit to a rack-mountable battery backup?
Or just a regular standard that goes on the floor?

I am comparing prices. I was on the phone with tech support for APC, it seems that my whole unit is failing and I need to buy a new unit.

Any recommendations? Is APC the best? CyberPower? The reason I had purchased APC years ago, it was compatible with my Synology and a good price point.

I used APC and Eaton UPS commercially for many years. I would choose rack mounts or floor models depending on where I needed the units.

In most cases there is no difference in the electronics or the batteries. I would replace the batteries every few years as needed, and only replace the actual UPS if it developed a problem.

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Not the original topic but would these help with that? (the 1 foot ones). I use these because of some big power bricks.

Thank you! I just ordered these to help with my outlet issue.

2nd question - Does a NAS have to be plugged into a UPS?
I never really questioned or looked into it. 6 years ago when I brought my NAS, everyone just said you need to have one.

Is there a danger in plugging it into this instead…
CyberPower CPS1215RMS Surge Protector

I have my NAS plugged in temporarily here until I purchase a battery backup.

Absolutely! Connecting the NAS to the UPS and setting the power settings will shut the NAS down properly avoiding data corruption!


Which battery backup do you have?

I thought about shopping around locally, but I recall Synology has a compatibility list. Was wondering if it really mattered to buy from their list.

APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector with AVR, 1500VA, APC Back-UPS Pro (BX1500M)

Depending on the load and time needed to survive I sometimes add an external battery pack.
APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS External Battery Backup for Model BR1500G (BR248PG)