Battery bulge -- advice for continuing

Hi MPU gang

I run a 15" MBP as my main computer. I love this machine, but it’s getting long in the tooth, and am slowly saving towards getting an ARM replacement in 2021or 2022.

Recently I’ve started to notice it developing a little bulge on the bottom. It’s not marked unless am working directly on a desk (normally it’s on a stand). I can’t quite spin it around like a turntable, but not far off. I’m assuming this is battery bulge related (although the battery still functions reasonably well, even after 5 years).

It doesn’t seem like an ideal situation but have you any experience of keeping on working on such a machine, or perhaps any advice?

Thanks in advance.

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Besides possibly damaging your MacBook Pro, a swollen battery is a potential fire risk. Get thee to a repair shop.


I don’t have an answer for you, but can sympathize. My 2015 MBP battery is getting tired too (70% capacity). I’m sure I’ll need to replace or have it done.
The reviews on the replacement battery kits are mostly positive, with many saying it was easier than they thought. It depends on ones skillset though.

Actually, I just checked Apple’s prices, and I would definitely go with them for ~$40 (non-retina) or even ~$100 (retina) more than the OWC kit.

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Thanks @WayneG — yeah, was figuring this but was curious about people’s experiences.
I’m going to sort it out. Lucky going to a shop during a pandemic is so easy. :wink:

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Thanks also @JohnAtl — I think I’ll go the Apple store route (Although tempted by DIY opportunity).


Had the same problem with mine a couple of years ago. Even with no Apple Care, Apple replaced the battery (and keyboard while they were at it) at no charge. Check your Serial Number to see if it’s covered by a recall.


On my 2011 the battery swelled enough to affect the trackpad. It wouldn’t allow clicks. Easy to replace, unlike your 2015.


I remember putting RAM into my Tibook back in 2001. I seem to remember it had regular screws. Kooky.

I just went thru this. Did you call apple? What year is your macbook pro? There are some years with known battery issues. Apple may help you out.


Thanks @macsorcery – yeah, it’s 2015 MBP. The serial number doesn’t seem to ‘match’ those with issues, but in the chat they seemed to indicate it might be possible to replace with cost. It’s booked for me to take into the Apple Store here in London (earliest available is a week from today).

I really ought to take a video of the computer spinning on its bulge like a spinning top.

Yeah, I would not risk using (or even plugging in) a laptop with a bulgy battery. Definitely worth a call to Apple.


My response wold be to immediately remove the battery from the device and NOT use it until the battery is replaced. Thepotential for a rather nasty fire is huge.


My serial number didn’t match the recall either but Apple took care of it without charge for me. Mine was sent to Austin, TX (from Florida) for repair and it took less than a week. I’ve since upgraded to a 13" 2020 MBP and glad to get rid of the battery and keyboard issues.


I had this exact problem with my MBP during lockdown and took it to the Apple Store on Regent Street in London. Prepare to be without your computer for 5-7 days. This is the timeframe what I was quoted although I had in back in 5 days.


Thanks @krushe - have an appointment Tuesday. Five days isn’t too bad.

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Especially compared to getting skin grafts on your thighs and privates if your laptop caught on fire while using it in your lap!

I’m just here to help you look on the bright side! :smiley:

Ha ha. Skin grafts! I’m more worried about testicular or prostate cancer. The sides just keeping brighter.

Here’s my MBP bulging battery saga:

I love this story. It’s also kind of bizarre as if their response was arbitrary. Like arriving at UK immigration as a foreigner — you never know what you’re gonna get.

thought I’d finish off this thread. I dropped off my MBP at Apple Store (West London) two weeks ago. It wasn’t a good COVID experience – we were kind of shepherded into a holding pen downstairs and outside the store (which is in a massive mall). Temperature taken, but everyone was pretty confused and social distancing was very poor indeed (I really don’t understand why it is that we (humans) just don’t understand that bit). I got taken upstairs a full hour after my appointment.

The ‘genius’ who served me was fantastic – thoughtful, and certainly knew how to wield an iPad. He runs a 2013MBP and was, like me, waiting for ARM-based Macs (he had no insider info – obviously).

Yesterday, I picked up the machine – nice and clean, new battery, new bottom: £199.

Hoping it might last another couple of years …

Thanks everyone for help and advice.