Battery health estimates - radical disparity

Sometime shortly before iOS 17 hit, I looked at my iPhone 11 battery health and it said it was at 87%. That was about a year and 2 months after a new battery was installed, so it seemed a touch low - but it’s not at that magic 80% number that gets Apple to be willing to replace it.

Looked at it again today, just over a month later, and it’s saying 82%.

I refuse to believe that my maximum battery capacity basically dropped 5% in a month.

I saw somebody on YouTube making the case that the max capacity number only updates when you update the OS, which would explain the rapid drop - but it’s also what seems to me to be a boneheaded design decision. And of course the iPhone 15 shows the number of battery cycles in Settings, but not the 11. Not that the info isn’t there on the 11, but Apple just doesn’t show it.

This just seems ridiculous on so many levels. Has anybody else seen the same drop? Can anybody confirm that the “it only updates when your phone updates” thing holds water?

Have you tried Coconut Battery? It’s a lot more accurate than the numbers built into the phone.

Coconut Battery says 88.9%. That makes me feel at least a little better. :slight_smile:

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No, but my iPhone 11 has been at 93% for at least a year so I don’t trust it. For all I know it could be a static message.