Battery monitoring apps

Hey everyone! We have a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air, both 2015 models, and they sometimes act weird with their batteries. I have searched for an app that could tell me what drained the battery. When I search for this, all I get is how to use the activity monitor to look for what is draining the battery at the moment. I am looking for something that can tell me which apps and processes it was that drained my battery, just like android phones has a function that tells you which apps has used the most battery up till this point in your battery cycle. Does anyone know anything useful for this kind of battery monitoring? Or can the activity monitor app look at past battery usage in some way that I haven’t found.

I would really like something like this. This is an example from an android app.

Thank you

Before you dig too far, have you checked the battery status in System Information? Or Coconut Battery is a decent third party app that can track your battery’s health over time.

Sometimes apps don’t need to abuse their rights by much to have a large affect on battery life if the batteries are old and don’t hold the charge they used to. I just replaced the batteries in my 2015 MacBook Adorable.

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Thank you for answering. My battery is old but should still be fine for a while. My issue is that sometimes it seems like something ate the battery and I would like to know what processes did that after it happened. Battery health 3 has a history function, but it doesn’t show what processes used energy, only that energy has been used.