Beachballing is the Brand

Microsoft should seek license the macOS Beachball as their Office logo. It’s the most recognisable part of the Office Suite, especially Excel. (Numbers, yes I know but it’s shared work documents.)


Hear hear!

Generally speaking if I notice beachballing I look to see if an Office app is open.

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I’m currently seeing similar issues on 2 different Macs. I think the problem is server side or the apps inability to handle connection issues.

For 20 minutes I’ve been trying to copy content between 2 sheets with multiple crashes.

Obviously dealing with an entire 102kb of data is taxing on the Apps performance.

I have the same guess.

There’s a huge performance gain when editing files outside of OneDrive/Sharepoint folders, so I would consider moving back and forth if my connection is not reliable.

It really sucks…

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For years, my wife could just not open Word. It would lock up on launch every time. The issue persisted after multiple generations of the software had been uninstalled and reinstalled, and spanned both her MacBook Air and an iMac.

We were forced to fix it a couple of weeks ago because of an academic requirement. It took two hours and a special script from MS that did some kind of reset of some preference file.

Sometimes the degree to which software can be messed up is just awe-inspiring.