Bear 1.7 Out ...... ooooooo

Individual Note Encryption, Bear Lock, Live Note Links, Emoji Autocomplete, and more!

Encryption may get me to check Bear out again.

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Seems like a good update! Unfortunately I don’t really like the aesthetics of Bear at all - a shallow but important reason not to use an app. Hope it’s a good release for Bear fans :slight_smile:

Same here. When I’m reading or writing, especially anything more than a couple of hundred words, I’m extremely sensitive to the interface and the font and the spacing. For that reason I prefer using Books to the Kindle app (despite Amazon’s usually much better pricing), and I have been just very uncomfortable the times I’ve downloaded and tried using Bear.

But I’m glad to see the continued improvements, and a formidably updated Bear is a good thing that keeps the competition on its toes.

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