Bear 2 subscription

I guess some of you might have received email from the developer to say that

Existing customers keep their price

When we release Bear 2, Bear Pro will have a new price only for new customers. Existing customers can keep their current pricing for as long as they stay subscribed ($1.49/month or $14.99 USD). We will not raise prices on any existing subscribers because you kept our app going over the years and we believe it’s the right thing to do.

I am on testflight for Bear 2 and I don’t think the testflight version enables me to subscribed. When I look at my iPad app, this is what’s display for my pro subscription. Does it mean I do not have to pay for more subscription, until 4001 (I may not be using my iPad then :joy:

Hah… no. You’ll have to remove Bear 2 briefly and install the App Store version to purchase the subscription before Bear 2 is launched.

ah… I thought I could save some money until 4001…

[update] try to do exactly what you mentioned , I removed the testflight v2 and installed the Bear v1 from app store, went to Bear Pro tab on preference or settings , also show me valid until 1 Jan 4001. Click the Manage Subscription button and no response

Oh interesting. I figured that would work. I doubt they’re giving everyone free subscriptions for 2000 years, but maybe they did inadvertently. :slight_smile:

You might be able to try to re-activate your subscription via App Store > Subscriptions > Expired.

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For me it shows the actual date in V1, I subscribed today and it shows that subscription valid until May 18 (I’m on beta, but deleted V2 before downloading V1)

Today in Bear must be the record for the number of subscribers in a day