Bear App Markdown Export to Mail

I am trying out Bear and really liking it. I can’t figure out how to do something that seems like it should be simple.

I am looking for the ability to write an email in markdown and then send the email with the markdown formatting properly converted. In essence, I’m looking for the functionality that is built into Drafts when you hit Markdown > Email.

I don’t care if it copies to the clipboard and then I paste in mail or if it sends the email from the app.

Every time I try to do this, I get the raw markdown and not the converted markdown. Is it possible to do what I’m trying with the Bear App?


On macOS?

Select the text of the note (all or some) and use Edit > Copy As… > Rich Text then paste into the body of your email.

Or, select the note. From the share menu (upper right corner) choose Mail and a rich text version of the note will appear in a newly created mail message. Edit.

(Similar actions on iOS. )

When I copy as rich text and then go to paste into mail, all the formatting is stripped. I’ve tried pasting in Apple Notes as well, but I get the same result. The only thing I’ve been able to do is to paste into MacDown or other Markdown converter and then copy and export again. Surely I’m missing something.

I should amend this to say some of the formatting is converting such as bold and italic. But block quotes, highlights, etc are not converting properly. In addition, each new paragraph is converted to a single space instead of the double space I have set in Bear. Is this a multi-markdown issue that Mail/Notes, etc doesn’t support?

It looks horrible for it to translate all my paragraphs into one huge paragraph with zero carriage returns between paragraphs. I was hoping to replace Drafts with Bear, but this functionality seems severely limited. I hope I am missing something. I need this to work on both Mac and iOS.

I haven’t seen any of these issues, but we don’t have your data either.

Mail does not support markdown at all, so there needs to be a conversion before import.

No solutions offered… What’s attracting you to Bear?

Drafts & Bear are different animals. (You know that.) Drafts has skills to send/convert text that Bear lacks. Not a lack in Bear just a difference. My personal wish for Drafts is it would get graphic skills.

What’s attracting me to Bear…

  • Mac & iOS parity (I’m still using nvALT and need a solid iOS solution)
  • Ability to import photos into Bear
  • Abiliity to organize with tags & subtags
  • The beauty of Bear’s interface inspires my creative work.

I was avoiding Bear because it is subscription. But the Drafts for Mac app is taking a long time and it is going to subscription anyway.

I solved the biggest issue with the markdown export by inserting a double return at the end of paragraphs instead of allowing Bear settings to do it for me. Unfortunately, it is a global setting, but it works.

Oh, and this might be the biggest attraction to Bear… I can drag a file out of DevonThink onto a Bear note and it will create a link to that note that opens in DevonThink — On both the Mac and iOS. As soon as I discovered that I purchased Bear immediately. :bear:


Did you see Drafts for Mac just came out? It works well, but I am experiencing a similar problem with carriage returns.