Bear Tagging System?

I’ve been using Bear for close to 9 months now and I love it. But my tags are kind of a mess. When I first imported from Apple Notes, I went through and added a tag based on what general idea it was related to. So, I was wondering what everyone else’s tagging was like.

This feature request post on the Bear subreddit inspired me to maybe try something else out.

Here's a photo of mine!


I did the same thing when I started using Evernote, but since using Bear Notes I try to keep it simple. I found that tags are not used by me much. If I need a certain note I find that I’m often going to search for it instead of trying to figure out which of the many tags it could be in.

Here is the list of my tags in Bear Notes

  • Main
  • Archive
  • Business
  • Journals
  • Thoughts
  • Web clippings

And I feel like that is too much. I only create a tag if I honestly need it or there needs to be separation. The main tag is only used for the current journal I’m working on for quick access to it. When its time the journal note gets moved to journals which are organized with more tags under that for the years.

Business is strictly business stuff and thoughts are random thoughts or comments I want to write. Usually, everything that is not a journal or business gets put into the archive tag especially if I don’t know where to put a certain note.

Edit: you shouldn’t use Bear Notes as a way to store passwords, its better to use a password manager instead. I just saw that in your picture.


My only tags so far are Music and Books. I keep recommendations for both in tagged sections of one main note pinned to top of the list. I should make each category one note.

I use Bear to store stuff , but also to remind me of things to do. There is no alarm so I use tags instead.
7 tags for days of the week and 12 tags for months. Days are for repeating tasks that happen on a particular day - paying wages, etc. Months list things to be done on a date - the title can be used to sort the items so the first text is the date in the month, and the tag for the month is placed anywhere in the item - usually first or last line so I can easily remove it when the task is done - or delete the whole thing. Only the tags being used appear - so if a month has no items, it doesn’t show in the list - but can be easily reinstated as required by simply retyping it in. BTW if you need a tag with more than one word, place # and the start and # at the end of the tag - #08-aug 2019# gives you #08-aug 2019. I use the numbers to maintain the correct sequence of the tags. Typing #08 calls up the full tag so tags can be long without requiring a lot of typing. Here is screenshot of my tags today - it will change tomorrow.

From Drafts where i often use multiple tags to tell a story.

Drafts tag list

  • mpu
  • notestaken
  • posts
  • words
  • poems
  • quotes
  • songs
  • apps
  • ideas
  • experiment
  • richard

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