Bear -- upcoming features

The folks at announced their updates coming later this year.

For the editor:

… tables, customizability for displaying PDFs and photos, and more flexible ways to format text like putting links and tags in headers. We’re happy to say we’re working on all of these and more, including a full switch to Markdown.

Upcoming 'Bear for Web’

In case you haven’t seen it yet, we have a Bear for web FAQ with answers to many of your common questions. To recap:

  • Bear for web will require Bear Pro.
  • Pro is required because your notes will still sync via iCloud. We do not want to host your notes or see any of your data , so this is a great solution.
  • There won’t be sharing or collaboration anytime soon. Because of the method the web app will use to directly and securely access your Bear notes in iCloud, sharing and collaboration won’t be possible.
  • Yes, there will be a beta. But it’s still a good ways off.

For those curious about the technical details behind Bear for web: it will use Apple’s CloudKit to access your notes in your iCloud account. It’s a web framework Apple provides for building web apps to do exactly this.

Sounds interesting. I especially like "we do not want to host your notes or see any of your data. This should be the philosophy of any web version of macOS/iOS apps, IMO.

I’m looking forward to this feature as I can’t stand the look of their current export. I have several custom exports in Ulysses that I use.

New features sounds good! Been a Pro user since they launched and I’m happy to renew again for the 3rd year.