BeeLine Reader - Making text blocks more readable

If you’re someone who reads a lot of text on the web, this might be of interest. It uses colour to help the eye follow large blocks of text. An eBook service I use - Perlego - recently introduced it as an option, and it’s available for Chrome on MacOS and Safari on iOS/iPadOS (but unfortunately not on Mac yet).

There’s some comments mentioning a payment model, but I can’t find anything current. The BeeLine Extension on the App Store for iOS doesn’t seem to have any in-app purchases.

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Hey everyone, I’m the founder of BeeLine Reader, and I was excited to see web traffic coming from this site (I’m a longtime Mac user, from a Mac Plus to an M2 MBA).

As was mentioned above above, our iOS extension is totally free. We do have an iOS reader app, which allows you to store articles, which costs a couple bucks to download. There are a few IAPs, for PDF functionality, and features that honestly overlap with our newer free extension.

Our most popular product is our browser extension for desktop, which works on Firefox, Chrome, Brave, and other Chromium browsers. We also have a PDF extension, also a browser plugin.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to follow-up here or via email (nick@[domain]).

Also, if you want to try out BeeLine in the Perlego ebook platform, you can use this referral link to get 50% off your first month.

Lastly, if you’re interested in integrating our text enhancement functionality into a platform you run, let me know. Our JS widget can be included with just 2 lines of code, and we offer it free to many smaller websites.

– Nick Lum, founder, BeeLine Reader


I don’t suppose it supports Outlook client? Or, how about Outlook web?

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We don’t have a way to integrate with the Outlook client, unfortunately. We did try to make our browser plugins work with Outlook on the web, but sadly this (and Word for the web) are not interoperable. We’d love to make this happen though, if anyone has any ideas!