Before you install Ventura

There are about 450 messages related to Ventura (not all problems) on Apple’s discussion board.
Might be worth a look before taking the plunge.


Interesting……I have had zero issues with Ventura.


As always, it becomes a risk vs reward decision. If you don’t need/want any of the new features then it’s as well holding off. You’ll still get security updates.

My Mac is officially too old for Ventura (4 years), but I could run it using a workaround which seems stable. However, there’s nothing in Ventura that would make it worth the hassle.

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Is anyone else having issues with scaling up during printing?

I have an hp CP5525 LaserJet and I can’t print to A3 from an A4 document.

All of the settings in the printer dialogue are set up to do it. Annoying!


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It is almost a week now available, with sure several millions of downloads!
450 Threads (and not all complains, and some of them regarding very special issues) means, that there are almost no problems at all!

I downloaded it right away, and found, until now, no issues…

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All he said is it might be worth a look…


What’s the workaround to run Ventura on an older Mac?

Apparently it’s fine on Silicon Macs.I have an Intel and Scrivener crashes. MacSparky said that ScreenFlow can hang up, too. I want access to both of those so am holding off.


I agree with @JohnAtl’s expression of caution, especially for anyone who earns their living using their computer; so I have no criticism about checking those comments. That said, my experience is as with @adamashlock’s and @Ulli’s. This has been the smoothest OS upgrade (and nicest) that I’ve had in some time and I have not experienced a single problem.

Note 1 - To be precise, I’ve seen some unexpected behavior, which might be bugs. But none of those behaviors has occurred more than once.

Note 2 - Referencing @violagail’s comment about architecture, I’m running an M1 Max MacBook Pro.


Caveat emptor

No issues at all on any of my M1 computers.

Thanks for the info - now operating on Ventura, MB Air M1. So far, so good!

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Too late for me. I’m a day 1 updater since I don’t run any “critical-to-me” third-party apps. Plus, I do at least make a Time Machine backup of my data.

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Unfortunately with Ventura (through 13.1, Beta 1) Apple seems to have removed AppleScript capability related to the System Preferences. For a specific example, see: MACRO: Set Sound Output, v3.0 - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse


For anyone using Alfred I have an Alfred workflow on Github which provides a list of many of the preference panes in Ventura (in searchable, alphabtetical order) and which provides direct access to them (using x-apple.systempreferences:* identifiers) via Alfred.

Note: It’s unfortunately not currently possible to provide access to other panes or sub menus unless and until someone finds a way of discovering either identifiers of or other acess to those features.



Does anyone have any advice for me as I seek to upgrade a MacBook Air 2020 M1 laptop from Big Sur? Should I upgrade straight to Ventura or would it be a good step to go first via Monterey?

I uploaded Ventura a few days ago and frankly I forgot today I was on a new OS until I looked at this site. Everything for me is exactly as it was: I have my own screensavers and desktop though I sometimes like the Apple ones.