Belkin hub with external monitors

Weird issue - I have a Belkin Thunderbolt mini-dock with 2 monitors plugged in. Every time I disconnect my MacBook Air, when I reconnect it “flips” the monitor arrangement. So the left monitor appears as the right and right appears to be the left. I manually switch them under Settings and we’re all good. I have no clue why or how this would happen. Anyone encounter this or have ideas?

Do you put the MBA to sleep before disconnecting?

Yes, usually asleep when I unplug. Almost always a couple hours after work/dinner if I need it for random browsing.

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Nonreturnable at this point. What brands do you recommend instead? I’m not against replacing it if needed. Everything else on Amazon seems like brands I’ve never heard of or have company names that look like they dropped something on their keyboard and used whatever letters came up.