BenQ ScreenBar Plus - anyone using it?

Hello All

Anyone using the BenQ ScreenBar Plus monitor light? I am thinking of getting one but the price is a bit much. Is anyone in the community used it and can provide their recommendations?

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I have had mine for about a week. Tired of having the swing arm on the desk lamp.

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Do you recommend it? Any glare on screen?

Would appreciate you sharing your views after one week of use

Some slight shadow at the top of the screen. I like being able to set the light to a warmer color.



I bought the Benq Screenbar (non plus version) about a month ago and I highly recommend it. Fantastic for early mornings and late nights.

thank you @ddunbar3 for the pictures and feedback

I tried some cheaper non-brand ones that appeared to do the same job but the BENQ ones are definitely better.

May write about it on my blog.

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I got one for Xmas. Love it. Great to use with the MBP in clamshell mode and an Apple Keyboard that does not have backlight. Also very good to read paper documents/books while taking notes on the Mac or watch a movie without being in total darkness.

Not cheap but well worth it!

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I just bought one this week for our shared iMac and really like it. The aluminum finish gives a nice premium compliment to the iMac and the dial of the plus version is really convenient … wife approved it as well :blush:

One downside for me is I find the minimum brightness still a bit too bright when sitting in darkness

Another one is that you see every dust particle on the iMac screen ID the Display is off :sweat_smile: and if you happen to have a glass desk the light can be pretty reflective, so I‘m considering a wool deskmatt (or another desk :upside_down_face:).

Overall I’d agree as well with saying: it’s expensive but worth the money for us.

View of the desk setup with the ScreenBar in automatic light setup (i.e. medium bright, neutral tone).

@JensV re: dust particles. My monitor screen has never been more clean then now. :grin:


That’s an amazing photo to depict what it can do :+1:

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I will certainly keep a microfiber cloth close by from now on :sweat_smile:… nice picture btw. and again it makes me think about switching from Evernote to DEVONthink :smirk:

In case anybody is wondering: the bar does not obstruct the facetime camera of the iMac

It’s been years since I used Evernote, so I’m not sure how the app is nowadays. I always favoured DEVONthink, but these days, with v.3 and the new update to DEVONthink To Go, I spend almost half of my research time in between them. Great apps.