Benq sw320 monitor blue line


Just turned my 16 month old benq SW320 monitor and I have a blue line going down the screen.

Any ideas. Of how I can get rid of the line. I use it as the screen on my 2018 Mac book pro.

Benq closed with the current situation.

Any ideas anyone

It’s probably the monitor, which can be (eventually) resolved under Benq’s 3-year warranty

It could possibly be a faulty video cable or even a failing Mac video card. Make sure the cable is securely seated and if possible change the cable. If the cable works you could try eliminating the Mac as the culprit by connecting the monitor to another Mac (or, connecting another monitor to the Mac).

Hi. Thank you for suggestions.

The monitor still has the line when nothing plugged into it.

I just waiting to hear from benq now.

Thank you.