Ben's Jobby-Job Office Setup

I haven’t yet made the transition from the corporate world. That said, I couldn’t stand the original office furniture and have been looking to make a change. Some furniture became available recently, so out with the old and in with the new(ish). Here’s my setup after a couple of weeks of tweaking.


On the desk

Under the desk

  • Some cables, neatly arranged
  • MacPro (Trashcan edition)
  • An actual trash can

In front of the desk

  • HP Envy 32" Monitor - Scaled to 1080p for Apple TV
  • AppleTV 4th Gen (1080p)
  • A pair of Quartet glass white boards

And behind the desk, I now have a standing desk :wink:

The monitor, keyboard and mouse on the standing desk are connected to the same MacPro as my main desk most of the time. I have a MacBook that I primarily use for travel that is connected to the standing desk gear too. Most of the time, it just sits there charging. But when I need to I can hit the input button on the monitor and use the keyboard and mouse on the desk. Both keyboard and mouse can pair to multiple computers.

The dual desk setup is not perfect. When I’m sitting at my main desk, once in a while a window will appear on the monitor behind me. But that doesn’t happen all that often. When I work at the standing desk, I set my displays to mirrored and that works extremely well. The keyboard and mouse are connected to the MacPro using a Logitech nano receiver. I tried bluetooth, but with that many devices connected things were not reliable.


On the desk

Under the standing desk

Giving up a traditional desk means I no longer have drawers in my office to store stuff, files, etc. After a couple of weeks, I think that is a good thing. I discretely hide essentials under my MacBook, conference phone and extra cables, scissors, etc are handing from pins behind the monitor on my standing desk. I have a small basket on the floor for misc stuff. For the most part, everything in my office has a home or I get rid of it :smile:

I have another setup at home for those days I can work remote. If there is interest, I will post that too.

Finally, here’s a view that shows both desks at the jobby-job. If you made it this far, you must enjoy looking at office setups as much as I do!



Very interesting.
So, am I correct that this is a corporate office (not home office) and there is NO telephone?


Really like that curved desk!

That three legged thing underneath one of the Thunderbolt displays is a phone.

We have something similar in the conference rooms at work - we call them spiders :laughing:. I have a desk phone with a USB port - add a Sennheiser headset and I’m a pretty happy bunny thankfully :rabbit: .

How is the mouse and trackpad combination working for you? I’ve been considering it myself, but wasn’t sure if I’d adapt well.

@ChrisUpchurch is correct, the Polycom is my phone. I use it for conference calls 90% of the time, and my voice mail message is something like “Email is best, but if you have an emergency my mobile number is in the directory”. The Polycom is designed for a conference room, the advantage for me is that the mics work extremely well so I can pace around during meetings and the audio remains clear.

I enjoy having both trackpad and mouse. I tried using the trackpad exclusively for a couple of months, but I never loved it for precision pointing. So now I use the trackpad for gestures with my left hand, and the mouse for pointing with the right.


I do the same thing. Trackpad on the left, mouse on the right. I’ve migrated to doing the majority of my pointing with the trackpad as well, but the fact that I’m left-handed may have something to do with that.

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Ah, I see it now. I was VERY jealous :smile:

:rofl: No phone at all would be impossible with the current job, but something to aspire to long term!

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