Best alternative to Totalspaces2

TotalSpaces2 not going to run on Monterey.
TotalSpaces3 (when it finally appears) only gonna run on M1.
Not gonna be M1 for quite awhile, as I bought a new Mac right before M1 was announced.

Can’t live without it. Mission Control is horrible.

Any truly good desktop managers.

Please distinguish desktop managers from window managers. I use BetterSnapTool for window management.

Yours Truly,
Linux-head craving a real multiple desktop manager. LOL

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What don’t you like about Mission Control specifically?

  1. Grid display is too small
  2. I want to be able to drag applications images from one desktop to another on the grid display
  3. I don’t like the silly way that you have to assign specific applications to specific desktops. I would prefer to have a configuration document somewhere that I can edit without all that clicking around. On more than one occasion “something of unknown nature” has “happened” and I’ve lost my configuration and had to go back through the ugly exercise of assigning apps to desktops again. Single permanent configuration that isn’t subject to the machinations of the Mac, and that can be instantly reapplied is important.
  4. want to be able to give desktops names that show up on the grid display. Numbers simply don’t cut it.

Haven’t heard of anything that’ll satisfy that on macOS, sadly. I remember this kind of thing in KDE but last I checked there wasn’t a good solution outside of Linux-land

Not sure if this ticks all the boxes, but there is Amethyst.

And alternatives to it:

Alas, those appear to be window managers, not desktop (spaces) managers.

Back n the day I used CodeTek Virtual Desktop (my license is from 2002!). I’d never heard of TotalSpaces. I’ll keep an eye on it should they ever get V3 out.

And should I get an ASI Mac. :slight_smile:


yes! Codetek was great!