Best app for tracking time?

Suggestions for best apps across Mac, iOS and iPadOS to track time in a fast and convenient way?

Timery and Timing are often mentioned here.
There are a couple of recent discussions about that in the MPU-Forum, you might find interesting.

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Depends on if you’re looking at an app automatically tracking your app usage throughout the day or manual entry whenever you change tasks?

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I think it should manual entry as the it will be sporadic time monitoring in apps that I also use throughout the other day for other purposes

I’ve used Day One with interstitial journaling to great success. The a good article about this here:

This article on interstitial journaling is also helpful:

To be honest, you probably won’t find anything faster than pen and paper. I also like this article because it’s not just about logging the time and task but processing the task for proper closer so you can move on to the next task with full attention.

Sorry a bit of overkill :grin:

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This previous thread may also be helpful:

Toggl Track works very well. Free for individual use and if you need extra features. Bare bones works very well ‎Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log on the App Store