Best app to compare folders on the NAS

I store all my photos on my Synology NAS. Unfortanately I did not begin with a good filing structure so I end up with a hot mess that I would like to clean up. I estimate that there are around 30-50 k of photo and vidoe files from jpeg to raw files, mov, etc. They are within folders that I did not name properly.

My current task is to compare similar folders and find duplications. After the major clean up, I am going to send them to Blackblaze B2 for backup via ARQ.

I have trouble finding a good folder compare and diff tool. I bought Deltawalker many years ago via some deal but have not used it until now. I think it must have the worst UI for Mac App (may be borrowed from Windows). I spent hours trying to find out how to compare folders and still not able to crack it

Just wondering whether MPUers have any recommendations for compare/diff app and duplication removal app. I already have Gemini 2

I have used Beyond Compare and this has helped me tremendously when I got my filing system duplicated and generally in a mess. I suspect the best in class here is Kaleidoscope. Both apps are pretty expensive but can fix impossible messes.

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thanks, I have downloaded Beyond compare for trialling but cannot find out how to get NAS folder to compare. Any idea NAS is supported and how to activate that?

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Try Meld.


I would send them before the clean up too.
Arq’s deduplication and compression will help on storage, and you’ll have something to fall back on in case you find something is missing.

yes and no, I had gotten rid of some of the obvious photos that I did not want, but I hear you, I am leaving behind those I may or may not keep for backing up. Just in case I need them as you said

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How do Beyond Compare and Kaleidoscope compare to one another? Do they have the same feature set?

You can search in Beyond Compare help for “specs”.
(I am not home, hence cannot test any NAS / shared folders at the moment.)

You can try using the \\MyServer format to see if your NAS or shared drive is visible.
If it is already mounted in your mac, then you can also navigate to the \\Volumes on your mac, and see if the NAS is visible there.