Best Apple TV app? Recommendations?

Finally the owner of a new Apple TV. My previous one was the AppleTV 3rd generation. It’s an alright upgrade… to say the least. And I can pair it with my HomePod, which is amazing. It’s fast become my primary hub on my tv.

So what is everyone’s favorite Apple TV app out there? Any good recommendations? Even for games

As an American, I love to put on Sky News, just because it so different than what we have in the US. I have left it for hours just as background noise as well.

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Plex (but you then need to run a server) also Disney Plus.

Apple TV (app) is still really poor IMHO

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I have discovered Infuse and I love it. I haven’t had the patience (yet) to tag correctly all my media so Plex shows junk and VLC is a pain to browse with. Infuse is really wonderful.

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Manifold Garden
Alto’s Odyssey

Al Jazeera

I like the PBS app in the U.S. – some interesting content, but a mess to navigate.

If Netflix was a new startup, their app would put them out of business. Same for Amazon. I wonder what the designers of these things were thinking customers did with their time. In the same vein, HBOGo was OK. HBOGo’s replacement, HBOMax, must have hired failed designers from Netflix.

The AppleTV app is good for aggregating content from other apps, but the Apple-produced offerings are so-so.

Hulu and Disney+ are OK.

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Netflix – that annoying sound that makes me jump out of my skin. I’m developing a Skinnerian aversion to it.

And HBOMax (others?), that have gone the GIANT PICTURE route as some websites do. Ugh.
“Lookie here! Here’s a big ol’ picture for your tiny little brain 'cause we knowed them words was scary.”


My favourite app on AppleTV is DAZN. Awesome selections of sports that can entertain me at any time of the day.

Works in all EU countries, even when travelling, at least for me (I subscribe from Spain).

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Letterboxd if you are a user of the website. I like to browse for my watchlist on the app when I don’t know what to watch next.

+1 on Alto’s Odyssey/Adventure

Infuse, no server needed, just some network storage

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Thanks, some good recommendations on here

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Apple TV + if just for Ted Lasso
Paramount TV + Showtime bundle if it’s still available at 9.99
Discovery +
Disney +
Amazon Prime

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