Best approaches to sharing blog posts in Discourse [Meta]

Just checking the community temperature about blog posts. My recent guide on NotePlan x Obsidian was well-received (thanks again for the feedback!). However, maintaining the post both here and on my blog got a bit tedious as updates flooded in.

Since I have a few other things I’d like to share, is it appropriate/fair to link to a blog post with a quick summary instead? How do you feel about following a link to someone’s website?

On one hand, I imagine new ideas and useful tips are always welcome. On the other, fora like this might get tedious if everyone’s just sharing their own stuff all the time. So, I’m curious about how to approach it, and what the best community norms might be. The health of this (wonderful) community is key for me!

(FWIW, I have no plans nor desire to monetize; I imagine seeing ads or paywalls would be the biggest barrier for many people.)


Honestly I wouldn’t mind. I think links are shared all the time throughout here, so I really don’t see the difference.


I prefer a link with a summary. But that may be because I like to see how people organize and style their websites :slight_smile:

If I find the content really interesting, it’s a lot easier to subscribe to their RSS feed directly on the site.


Edit once, in the place that’s most relevant to the topic. (Your call on which one that is.) A link placed in other Discourse forums will take the reader to that destination, while providing a short overview of the post.

Publishing the same content in more than one place is a headache and not a great practice. That’s what links are for.

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What @quorm said. We’re not hiding from anyone.

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