Best apps to show off my new iPad Pro 12.9”

I just upgraded to a new iPad Pro. 12.9”. My third iPad, first iPad Pro. My previous iPads were a mini and the 2018 regular iPad.

What applications should I try to really show off the big display? I’m thinking ComiXology, GoodNotes, Procreate, video streaming — what else?

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Some games, like Civ VI, or Sayonara Wild Hearts if you have a controller. Follow-along sheet music from MusicNote (it comes with a couple free ones.) It’s much nicer to use an iPad on a music rack than to prop up a laptop to get that screen. A nice three pane app like Ulysses or OF.

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Congrats. This would look awesome on your shiny new 12.9

Luminos Astronomy

And it’s on sale.

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Since you are looking at Procreate you might check out some other creative apps like Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Concepts.


If you’re looking at Procreate and into art and architecture you might want to look at Morpholio Trace

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