Best Block Scheduling / Weekly Planning App That Does NOT Integrate with Your Calendar?

Hey friends!

My wife and I are having to recreate a new weekly plan each week and I don’t want to do it in my main calendar app. Is there an app that allows me to

  1. Have a Week View
  2. Create Different blocks of time, name them, set a color and drag them around
  3. Does not integrate with any of my actual Calendar data

I just need a calendar planning tool for time blocking out our week, and I can’t seem to find anything that meets these simple criteria yet. I don’t care if iOS or Mac, but Mac is definitely preferred.


Personally, I would just create a separate, individual calendar you and your wife could share (and flick on/off to show/hide in your Calendar app). If wouldn’t be in your main calendar, but it would be viewed and edited by the calendar. Items in that calendar would all be the same color (and would be a different color from your separate calendar items).

If that’s not good enough and you want for some reason to not have the ability to overlay the shared calendar with your other items (even though they would not be ‘integrated’) then if you and your wife use Apple Calendar, just create a separate shared calendar with Google Calendar (or vice versa), and keep the calendars separate.

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What I ended up doing was just using Google Calendar. Since our real calendars are in iCloud, Google Calendar works for creating a weekly plan template for now. Would still like something else though.