Best Buy sales as an indicator of imminent apple product updates (?)

Seems like a good hypothesis - perhaps Best Buy is Apple’s clearing house for stale product that is still in the supply chain.

I’m in the UK; an apple reseller & a large catalogue company have both taken £80 off the price of HomePods. The same thought crossed my mind, was this an indication of revised models being released.

With that said, certainly for the apple reseller, they didn’t actually have any HomePods in stock, now they’ve reduced the price, they’ve still not got any in stock, which makes me wonder why they bothered changing the price on something they can’t sell because they haven’t actually got any?! :thinking:

For Best Buy specifically, I haven’t always found their special Apple events to always be a good indicator, but the in-store sales displays for individual product lines definitely are. I couldn’t say whether they get pushed extra inventory from Apple or not.