Best buying time for DEVONthink?

Does something like a best buying time for DEVONthink exist? Apart, possibly, from black Friday. I’m looking at the pro version. Thanks in advance for any hints on how to spend a bit less :wink:

I got mine using a discount from TidBITS, if you’re a member take a look.

They participate in Summerfest and Winterfest where they give 25% off.


Thanks a lot, guys. While I’m not a member of TidBITS I just signed up for the list over at Keeping my fingers crossed.


SummerFest 2021 will probably occur near the end of June or beginning of July.


I added a third seat in Winterfest for $75 I think…


There’s 20% off available right now using the code on MacSparky’s website.

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Thanks a lot @ciaran — that’s a really good catch! For anyone interested, it seems that the code on MacSparky’s site is valid until December 31st 2021. WOW!

That gentleman always seems to be overly concerned about chilly weather…

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