Best card reader / usb adapter for older iPads?

Hello! I own a 2017 iPad Pro with Lightning and am looking for a good usb adapter/card reader solution. Any recommendations?

Thank you!

Apple sells this SD reader for $39, and Sandisk sells its own, slightly bulkier model, for $25.

If you want something cheaper or something that handles different media types, and you don’t mind a no-name Chinese brand, check out these options.

Personally I’d go with the Apple model - I keep hearing about reliability issues with every other brand I’ve ever seen.

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and the one with lightning connector is even cheaper :wink:.

There’s even this one with an USB port, but I don’t know which devices it supports (If I remember correctly It worked with a USB Keyboard, but never tried myself).

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Ah yes, I missed the Lightning mention, sorry. Yup, the $29 Apple dongle is probably the best bet.


Thank you for your suggestions! I think I’ll opt for a cheap no-brand solution because Apple’s own adapter are not versatile enough. I’d like to have a solution for SD cards and USB in the same adapter.