Best Clip Art Program or Web Site

I am looking for clip art that I can use in Keynote presentations that are not copyrighted. I think is a good site and I am wondering if there are other programs or websites to consider.

Thanks in advance.


I have used Pixabay before for royalty free images for work. Maybe you find something there as well?

I’ve found stuff on Pixabay that I’m about 99% sure was stolen from stock art sites, so I don’t trust it anymore.

Just a clarification - “are not copyrighted” is actually pretty rare. @quorm has it right when he talks about searching for “public domain” stuff, but what you want for your purposes doesn’t have to be “public domain” - it just has to be available to you (typically at some small cost) under a “royalty free license” - basically you get to use it, without having to pay each time.

You’ll typically find better art if you’re on a site where you pay a small amount per download, and you’ll have a bit more confidence that you’re in compliance with copyright law. Keep in mind that a photo showing up on a website with the words “not copyrighted” or “public domain” means nothing, effectively, unless the site is run by the creator of the work & you trust that creator implicitly.

I use 123rf and DepositPhotos for most of my paid artwork.

I tend to use photographs more than clip art. If you’re interested in that, check out the Library of Congress, the Wellcome collection, Hathi Trust, New York Public Library, and Flickr. Some of these are all royalty-ree, some require you to search for those with the appropriate license. I also use

Thanks for pointing that out regarding Pixabay :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Last time I have used them was 2-3 years ago but I always credited them and the users … not sure whether that puts me in a safe position here :face_with_monocle:?
But for the next time I’ll look at some other options I guess - paying a small amount might be the safest way then?!

I use Creative Commons Search. It looks like it’s now called Openverse and it’s a part of Wordpress.

Edit: Also check out your local library. They may subscribe to a service you may be able to use.

The Noun Project is my go-to.


Thanks for the repllies. I am actually looking for clip art rather than photos…


There’s really no truly “safe position”, as the owner of an improperly-uploaded image can always come after you. That could theoretically happen with any of these stock art sites, but sites that charge for images and pay creators would obviously have better verification on uploaders - and an easier time tracking them down if the copyright holder wanted to go after somebody.

I have a Pixabay account, and they didn’t do any verification beyond an email address. I can upload anything I feel like without verification - I just have to check a box that says I own the images. And obviously my say-so doesn’t protect you if you use an image I shared without permission.

If @gswpitt is looking for clipart specifically, has both free and paid options - and I’d trust them more than the average “free clipart” site on the Internet. :slight_smile:

Take a look at Adobe’s Creative Cloud Express. It is a rebrand of their Spark tools.

Completely free plan with a large library of fonts, artwork, photos, audio.

Designed for easy creating of flyers, leaflets, banners, ads, etc. with quality assets and free license to use for your own purposes.

Not strictly a clip art library, but can be used as a source.

Even if you dislike subscription model and Adobe, this is a freemium service with a lot of tools and assets available at the free level without paid upgrade.

Plus, native iOS app option means you don’t have to work only in the web browser.

(Clearly, Adobe is going after “Canvas” and similar free web based tools but with both apps and web technology)

apparently open clip is disabled.

More focused on healthcare related icons but there is enough generic things in here its at least worth looking at.