Best collaborative office suite for iOS

Hey guys!

I really need your help. I’m looking for an office app that could allow me to collaborate in real time on my iPad Mini. I mean I want to coedit the same document together with my teammates. Any suggestions? I have found ONLYOFFICE Documents on App Store but don’t know if there are any other similar options.

P.S. I don’t like Google Docs for privacy reasons.

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You can do that with MS Office.

Microsoft has done good job with treating iOS like it matters. You can use the office app for most stuff, but if it’s not enough you can use the full word for iOS.

(New office app is actually great if people have not downloaded yet, was on phone last year now on iPad)


Google Workspace allows you to do that.

The MS Office apps are good but I prefer iWork when on on the iPad since the apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote and maybe even Notes) seem really at home there and support all the newest features for obvious reasons. Of course they are also free and support collaboration.

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Agreed the office app is really cool on iPad. Easily turning pdfs into Word files let me impress some non techie colleagues in the office.

Google Docs (the web version) is my preferred choice. The Google Drive integration works very well for collaboration.

+1 on MS Office. Is there a difference between MS Office and downloading the separate apps? I thought MS Office was just Word, PP and Excel all packaged together.

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I think it takes up less space than 3x apps.

But it is horrible on iPad, especially Google Sheets.

I’m talking about the web version.

I use shared Excel files every day and I’ve never had issues. The iOS apps are excellent.

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I use that every day on my 10.5 iPad Pro. In Google Sheets you can not scroll with the trackpad. The the part of the window where the spreadsheet is, is very smal on top of that (check the two screenshots!!) with the whole browser around it. I feels super bolted on.
Numbers on iPad is so much smoother to interact with as well (like dragging cells around and so on).

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Google Sheets is out the window then.

I wouldn’t use Microsoft Office either (especially if Google really is a privacy risk to you).

Each program has its downsides. The OP will need to make a sacrifice somewhere.

Our hyper-privacy conscious institution makes us use Microsoft Office. Perhaps the enterprise version has privacy controls over what the consumer version does?

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That’s a possibility. :thinking:

The iWork suite works great on iOS. If you “share” the document the other person if not on Apple platform can open in browser without having to login. It’s not quite as seamless as Google Docs but it works!

Depends on what you do with them.

  • MS Excel is most feature rich, has decent iOS/iPadOS support, but is clumsy and arcane to use.
  • Numbers lacks lots of features but has super intuitive interaction (you can just drag stuff around) and great iOS/iPadOS support.
  • Google sheets has the best cooperation and versioning, is much more user friendly than Excel but has the worst iOS, iPadOS support imaginable.

I use all three, since they have different strengths and need all of them in my workflows.