Best dictionary app ...?

Looking for a good dictionary app - ideally something that references an unabridged dictionary. Etymology would be a nice bonus. I don’t mind paying a little bit for something that’s great.

I know that macOS comes with a built-in app. Does anybody use anything different?

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Try Terminology :ok_hand:


I find the built-in app is pretty adequate. But I also have Webster’s app (which is my favorite). I had OED also, but I really like Webster’s so I just use it.

On my Mac I installed Terminology, but I also added a copyright-expired Webster’s dictionary from the turn of the 20th Century, and which offers examples that are sometimes delightful. (I read about it somewhere, years ago, followed the install instructions, but didn’t save them, sorry.)

The instructions you speak of are at the bottom of the essay.

You may be right.

By the way, I so enjoyed having that dictionary I got this iOS dictionary app ($0.99) which is basically a wrapper for it:

My main iOS dictionary is Free Dictionary and Thesaurus Pro ($4), which is the most full-featured, comprehensive dictionary app I’ve enjoyed using on iOS … despite owning a Terminology as well as the full Merriam Webster $5 app

Thanx for the link to the Webster’s app. I think I will like this one.

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I like, especially when I want to know word origins. I also have the iPhone app.

I read using a Kindle device or, sometimes, using the iOS app. There are words I am not familiar with which I highlight and Kindle is helpful to give me the definition.

Ideally, what I really want after this is a way to export these words or idioms into Drafts so that I can read/learn these words again. I have explored which let me export Kindle highlights but not the definition or meaning of the words.

Does anyone here have similar problems and how do you solve them? (I don’t need it to export to Drafts. If the solution is another app that keeps track of the words and definitions to review daily/weekly, I am open to exploring as well). I think the real challenge is getting the highlights out of Kindle.

Edit: sometimes, the answer is right our own noses! Kindle has a vocabulary builder built-in where you can review each word (via Flashcard) and mark them as Mastered.

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I love Word Book. Rarely do I come across a word that is not in there. I don’t recall how much I paid for it but I use it constantly, even when I don’t need it!