Best email client that works with Alfred nicely?

I am getting more and more out of Alfred. Does anyone know which email client (another episode : still looking for the best one after trying almost all) work best with Alfred for quick search. At the moment I am using the stock Mail app from MacOS but the workflow does not work anymore with Big Sur :rofl:

I’m afraid Mail is the only one as far as I know. Spark does not expose its database and Airmail is this unfathomable pit of despair and nonsense straight out of Lewis Carroll’s worst fever dreams where everything breaks or works depending on the current state of quantum mechanics.

Two workarounds I can think of:

  • If you import your email to DEVONthink, search DEVONthink instead
  • If you use Gmail, there might be direct workflows searching Gmail directly.

Otherwise, you could devise a simple Alfred workflow that opens your email app and types the shortcut for search. Clunky and nowhere near as powerful but that’s the only solution on third-party apps.


Agree with @KillerWhale, think you’re stuck with
I’ve found that’s the most reliable option with Alfred.

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The stock email app search doesn’t work for me for more than a couple of days after reindexing the drive and all the other workarounds. I’m using InfoClick to search. There might be some sort of workflow for Alfred that works with it.

I haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks interesting…

It is for MailMate:

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Mozilla Thunderbird works well with Alfred, but I still have a better experience with Apple Mail.

What am I missing? it stopped working for me a while ago. When I did some research, it seemed that Catalina broke it. Like @JohnAtl mentioned, it will work again for a while and then stop. I just gave up. Is there a download I am missing?

It does? I didn’t think Alfred supported any other email apps. Is there a plugin for Alfred somewhere to make it work?

I have been using mailmate for a few years now and agree with the lead on to this article. One of the things that works well for me is the built in “add to DEVONthink”. The Alfred workflow described in the article looks interesting also since I am an Alfred user too :grinning:

Yes, it works without any plug-ins. You used to have to use a Mozilla Thunderbird extension, but once that became incompatible, Alfred started working with Mozilla Thunderbird without any plug-ins required.

When you say supported, what do you mean? It can do search? I don’t see anything in Alfred for email, unless you download a workflow. I have the Mail one but it doesn’t work for me.

Yes, it can do search. It works well on my Mac.

Ok, how please? I installed it, set up an old email account it in it. I can’t find anything in Alfred’s preferences on what command to use, or any mention of Thunderbird.

Let’s say I want to find emails from John Doe, how do I do that through Alfred? What do I type?

Although I am not sure I would stay with it even if I could figure it out, it feels too much like a web app.

Just out of curiosity, what makes it look like a web app? It looks nothing like Gmail, that’s for sure.

I like turtles. :turtle: :turtle:

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Agreed with @Leeabe51 , Alfred has still working since Catalina.

@lsamberg and @Sander , I may give MailMate a try

thanks others for sharing their experience

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