Best/favorite GUI Git Client for Mac?

Title says it all, I’ve got to delve a lot more into doing Git on my mac since I’ve moved off GitHub into GitLab with LambTracker and am looking for a good gui git client. I used to use GitHub Desktop and it worked fairly well but I didn’t have many other collaborators and few merge issues.

Now I need a way to handle merge conflicts by viewing code side by side and telling the system which to use or creating a third edited file that has cherrypicked the code I want.

My husband is starting to do more development and he tends to develop in the Master branch not my develop branch. It is in work to change his development mode but that doesn’t help the immediate issue.

Right now I’ve got a huge amount of code that handles his newly designed bluetooth scale that I need to integrate with my latest code. There are merge conflicts because he started with code that was several commits behind my latest on my master branch not my develop branch.

Of course there is a deadline. I need it all working in time to get weaning weights collected this Friday so I can send in the data for calculating EBVs on the Aug 15 data run from NSIP. That’s required to get the sales list of sheep to sell before the end of the month as we have to start getting vet work done then for folks coming to pick up sheep in September.

What are your suggestions?

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When not using the command line which I primarily do I use Atlassian sourcetree

From different Sites I got rumors GitTower is good also.


Personally I use the git features built into eclipse, they a terrible, but consistent!

I can however give sourcetree a thumbs up, recently gitkraken was recommended to me, but I have not tried it yet.

I have been using it has worked really well for me.


Yeah I was using that but had to move to Android Studio for development so lost that. Then I was using GitHub and their desktop app but that isn’t working with GitLab.

Am testing GitKraken now

This is a terrible suggestion, and I am ashamed to admit that this is how I work

You can import projects into eclipse that you are not running in eclipse, So I have several angular projects imported into eclipse that I just use the git functions with, all you have to do is occasionally right click and refresh the project.

I stick with eclipses e-git because I spent an afternoon once to really get learn how it works, for murge conflicts and moving the head and such and I can’t be bothered spending the time to learn something new.

GitKraken is slow and weird on Mac. I use Git Tower but if you want something very similar but free check out Fork. I think Fork will become chargeable when it’s more refined and feature complete.

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I also use the GIt client that is part of VS Code


Another vote for Git Tower. Super easy to use but it just went to a subscription which I’m not super happy about.

Big thumbs up for SourceTree – and it’s free. I’ve been using it on a daily basis for several years, in fact, it is permanently in my dock. I tried Tower, even purchased it, but it never really struck a chord with me.

It sounds like the OP is already set using GitLab, but I would also recommend BitBucket for repos.

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I actually have bitBucket too, I was not in charge of the decision on which service to move everything to, hubby tested most of them and we both got usernames on them to hold the names. He decided that GitLab looked best and I don’t really care much one way or another as long as I can get it to work. I did dump LambTracker there just in case as a backup. I also downloaded SourceTree and will test that too. I am also looking at Git Tower as well.

I use sourcetree as my GUI git client, though my merge tool is actually vscode. I’ve also heard good things about git tower but haven’t used it myself.

If you do happen to use vscode as an editor the git lens extension is really good.


I really like Git Tower for Mac, it has a great interface in my opinion.

Thank you for the lens tip!

I use the one in Xcode, but also really like sourcetree, for when I can’t use Xcodes git client

Probably most people on this thread know this already, but you don’t have to pick just one Git client, and you can switch back and forth or even use multiple clients at the same time on the same repo. For example, I primarily use SourceTree but also use Xcode. The clients are just that, “clients”, so they don’t own the repo. So especially for free clients, there is no downside to just trying one out for a while and see if you like it.

By the way, if you are struggling to understand the fundamentals of Git, this video on youtube is fantastic. The only downside is it stops before everything is explained, it would be nice if it went another 20-30 minutes. But it’s really the best intro I’ve seen of the fundamentals. Over 100k views so I’m not the only one that likes it.