Best home brew packages

Can people list some of there most used home brew packages ?

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  • ripgrep: The best, fastest grep searcher (I often use the terminal to find files and then open in Finder), I occasionally use ripgrep-all
  • fd: A saner, faster find
  • exa: I’ve alias ls='exa', it’s better, prettier and has all the settings under the sun for listing your files
  • bat: cat with a pager by default and syntax highlighting
  • neovim: Easiest way to install a language-server for vim
  • fzf: Nearly all of the bash functions in my zshrc include a call to fzf, super easy to use interactive fuzzy finder
  • jq: Lovely json highlighter and traverser
  • mackup: How I backup all of my configuration files
  • pandoc: Easiest way to go to and from markdown and other more standard formats (pdf, docx, etc.)
  • topgrade: Upgrade everything
  • thefuck: For when you mess up writing a command but don’t want to retype it.
  • YouTube-dl: Download pretty much any video on the web

I’d love to have a reason to use Pastel


I’m using restic as yet another tool to backup my Mac (next to Arq and TimeMachine).

  • stow for managing my dotfiles
  • gh - github cli
  • youtube-dl - for downloading youtube videos
  • trash - instead of remove command
  • fzf - already mentioned before. Really nice fuzzy finder for everything that is having CLI output