Best inexpensive blogging services?

Looking to get away from Wordpress. What are some of the best inexpensive ($5/month or less) blogging services? Some on my radar:

I started a similar post that has a lot of responses. You might find it helpful. I recognize that my criteria may be different than yours but I suspect many of the answers will be similar.

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If the lack of comments and virtually all niceties plugins and services have you considering Blot, then use Blot for its simplicity. It’s super-easy, you retain all files on your computer, it works, and it’s cheap. At $30/yr it fits your budget, assuming you have enough space on DropBox.

I know an artist in Hong Kong who uses it to post images of his work. Super dead simple.

(Personally, I prefer Wordpress-hosted Wordpress at the free and $50/yr tiers, but you apparently want to get away from that.)

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I use

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How about github pages (free)?

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I just saw that Notion allows sharing pages, and they have a free personal plan. I’m going to wager it’s lower friction than github pages too :slightly_smiling_face: