Best iOS App for Store/Loyalty Cards

What are your recommendations for an app to manage my Store/Loyalty cards?

I’ve been using StoCard, but it’s a little clunky so I’m looking for a better alternative.

I’m willing to pay a reasonable price to avoid advertising.

In my town we have an independent grocery store, sort of like a WholeFoods-mini. They just gave my wife and me little cards to put on our keychain. I scanned the card and added it to Apple Notes. I then made an Apple Shortcut to open this specific note and added the Shortcut to our iPhones. Works for us so far but may be clunky if you have a lot of these cards. :grinning:

All cards are scanned to PDF and put in a DEVONthink database that is synced with DEVONthink ToGo. Those that integrate with iOS Wallet are also put into the Wallet.

If I was not doing this I would put scanned copies into files and use Files App. Or Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox folders and also use Files app. I doubt i would put into Notes as when I use Notes I use it for notes—not storage.

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I use Pass2U wallet to put all my loyalty cards in my wallet.


Someone in this forum somewhere mentioned Wallet Creator once, so I use that.

StoCard works fine for me. I typically only use it on my Watch. Only use the iPhone version to add cards.

If you can create a PDF of the card(s) try the Books app.

I’ve used CardStar forever. . .it’s a bit clunky too but it works.

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I use the Key Ring app on my iPhone for loyalty cards and library card. It sometimes pops up an add when you open it that you have to dismiss, but it’s free.