Best iOS Photo app

I have several photo apps. I have a new iPad mini wherein I have more space and I’m looking for an app without a high learning curve that concentrates on processing the photos correctly for under $20. I avoid subscription services.

I use to have Mac computers more than five years ago. I know I used Pixelmator, perhaps Aperture and maybe Photoshop Express not Photoshop itself. The software I used was able to restore a fifty year old photo with one filter! The apps I had covered what I’m looking for now.

Also I like the apps that have the various different time periods included. Two apps are just fine! I’d appreciate any help or suggestions.

I use Affinity Photo for everything photo-related on iOS, but this is not compatible with the mini.

The best alternative is probably Pixelmator.

Thanks you so much, Rob!

I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom for many years on the desktop and subscribed to the Adobe CC Photography Plan a couple of years ago, which gives you Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC for the desktop (Windows and Mac) and Lightroom CC Mobile for iOS/Android devices. I can take a photo with my iPhone X in RAW/DNG, start editing on the iPhone and then switch to the desktop and continue the edits later, or vice versa.

If you’re looking for free, then I would suggest Snapseed. It’s a very capable app for photo editing/post processing.


I’ll check them out, Stewart, thanks!

I am still a Lightroom user, which is great on iOS too, but Snapseed is a fantastic little image editor that I often use instead. Still free I believe…

Thanks, airwhale! I’ll check into both of them.