Best iphone only task manager

If you only managed your tasks from your iphone, what app would you use?

Some desktop apps translate badly to the iphone. What task managers are the complete package on ios?

The NotePlan app is great on iOS but, as it integrates seamlessly with Apple Calendar and Apple Reminders, that could be considered using three apps instead of only one, as your question requires. :slightly_smiling_face:


Probably Omnifocus with Reminders a close second

I can’t believe the responses in this thread.

@svsmailus I have tried all of these. Hands down Things 3 is the best.

With that said, if they go sub, I will revisit Apple reminds especially since it’s getting E2E

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Things 3 has been the easiest so far.

Noteplan has a steep price tag.

The omnifocus beta requires a lot of tapping and doesn’t feel easy to navigate.

2do is decent, but has quite a busy interface.

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The best for me is Todoist. I’ve used omnifocu, things and reminders and I like Todoist the most.

The predictive syntax and typing shortcuts (# for project, tod for today, etc.) makes it easy to use on the phone, and it gets bonus points for notes entered on my personal phone to appear on my windows work laptop which is impossible on the other to do apps.