Best Mac Laptop for a Real Estate Agent?

My wife recently got her real estate license and now needs a laptop to use in her new 2nd profession. She is currently a third grade teacher and will be doing the real estate thing part time. I am certain there some real estate agents out there in the MPU forums. Can you recommend or suggest which Mac laptop might suit her needs? I was thinking that the MacBook Air would be fine, but honestly I know nothing about how realtors use their laptops or what the needs might be. Any advice would be appreciated.

I suspect it’s not a hardware question. At least first step. your wife (or you) should first find out what software products or websites she expects to use. check with her colleagues what they use or wish they used.


I’d second what @rms said about the software, and follow it up with “something with good battery life and low power consumption” which the MacBook Air definitely is. The reason for that is it means she’ll be able to charge it quickly and easily, and even from battery packs—I’m guessing she’ll be on the go a lot, and there’s nothing worse than not having power when you need it or waiting for hours for something to charge!


My mother is a real-estate agent and currently has a way over-powered Lenovo P5x laptop. I’ve been trying to convince her to go to an MBA, since it would be much nicer for the times she needs to lug things around. Most of the software she uses is all web based, and it would make me offering her tech support a lot easier :smiley:. She will use the Adobe suite to work on her marketing material, but honestly the MBA would be more than sufficient for her needs, especially once connected to an external monitor.

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I’m not a real-estate agent, but if you’re on the go a lot and mostly used web based software, I wonder if a cellular iPad would be useful.

Thanks. I figured it was mostly if not all web based, but will have the wife double check to make sure. I agree with you and Rosemary that battery life for a real estate agent is probably the most important requirement and the MBA checks those boxes,

That was my first thought too. But as @rms said the software she will need will be a major factor in determining the hardware.

I‘m only on the receiving end of real estate agents, but as a generic thought, I‘d consider the following:
The work seems to involve quite some file creation and management:

  • Pictures from the property (maybe done by a pro, maybe done by your wife herself) which will probably need some editing, maybe a logo inserted etc.
  • Floor plans, which may be provided in different formats by the seller and need to be converted.
  • Maybe some brochures
  • Loads of documentation for the data room from various sources, which will need to be checked before it is uploaded, so you‘ll probably not just drag and drop from 2 emails…
  • All the other paper work

While there‘s hopefully a good solution for providing customers with all the data (saving loads of email communication and additional management of confirmations etc.), that‘s most likely not going to cover everything. And this type of file management is still not as efficient on the iPad as in the Mac.

An Air sounds good because they are light. After chasing third graders around all day (been there, loved that) , she’ll appreciate something lightweight.

She’d probably need a good program though.

The MBAir battery usually lasts me for two days- day and night.

And it recharges before you know it. She’d only have to plug it in every other day, but why not make it automatic every day? Easier to remember.

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Simple: The Air. I went from a 4-year-old Pro to the new M1 Air (16GB memory) and it handles everything I throw at it. I edit short video, create websites, zoom with clients every days — super simple.

An iPad Pro with keyboard might work but I suspect she’d still need a computer for something, at home or at her real estate office (if she has one). So just get the air. Pay for the extra RAM and 1TB of storage and she’ll be set for years.

Very portable, very light, good audio, battery lasts a long time.

You might wait until after the March Apple event to see if the rumored updated Air is announced, but the current M1 is solid.