Best Microphones Now? (and maybe lighting)

I recently had to do some voiceover for a video and used my iMac internal microphone. While not great it was ok. I may be doing more video voiceovers, recording of video while I use either a DLSR with video or my iPhone or iPad and of course a LOT more zoom calls or webinars. Now a lot of farming meetings happen in winter. They used tobe in person but now have pretty much al moved to on-line in some form, podast, webinar or zoom type meetings. I will be attending many of these, either as a participant or presenter. I need to upgrade my lighting system and already have a coupe of things I am looking at in that area but I also really need to upgrade the sound quality.

Looking for suggestions for lapel mics that can plug into phones and cameras and also perhaps a much better headset with attached boom mic for the zoom type of meetings.

I’ve looked at some old threads here but enough has changed about how these tools are used I figured it was ok to start a new one.

For the headset with boom mic I’m running the Jabra Evolve 75. It’s a bit pricy, but seems to work well. Switches easily between my iMac and iPhone (it runs much better over bluetooth on my iMac than using the included dongle).

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I’ve been on Teams meetings most of the work day, most of the year. I needed a headset with boom mike, noise cancellation, on-headset controls (mute, volume, channel), and wireless operations. So I bought a SteelSeries Arctis 7. It’s been pretty good and reliable. Holds charge well. Only complaint is the velour ear cushions are scratchy – so it’s worth getting their “leather” cushions.

I’ve knocked this thing off the desk a dozen times and it’s been rugged and undamaged.


I’ve yet to pull the trigger on any, but I whenever I itch to buy microphone, I check out

(One day I’ll justify it to myself) :slight_smile:


I have tried three options. One is a wired headset, one is a blue tooth headset, and one is a condenser mic + headphones.

I do lectures on Zoom and AV demonstrations with Camtasia.

I mostly use the headsets. I keep the wireless in my office and carry the wired one from home. I prefer the wireless not only to be untethered but also for the better audio (noise cancelling) quality.

I have not liked the combination of mic + headphones for on-line video activities (especially Zoom). The headphones are eventually too uncomfortable and look cumbersome. I plan however to use the condenser mic once I settle down to make demonstrations that do not include me in the video, as I appreciate that its audio quality is superior to either of the headsets.

In summary, the improvements in audio quality that you can get with no more than about a $50 investment cannot be underestimated. You may also be able to run the wireless headset with an iPad / iPhone recording app when out in the field.


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