Best parental control on MacOS?

Apple’s Screen Time is cute, but does anyone have any recent experience with real parental control apps on MacOS?

I’d like to keep them out of the weird parts of the internet. Or keep them from stumbling across weird content on otherwise normal seeming websites. is brilliant for this.

Also, it offers multiple custom profiles, so, for example, you can have a simple adblocking profile for adults’ devices, and a more restricted profile for the kids’ devices.


Agreed with @shandy on the method (haven’t used that specific one though). We use openDNS here, but I think it really is something you have to do at the network level rather than device. You can block whole categories of sites and, as long as the kids don’t have access to cellular connection, there are very few ways around it.*

*Yes, there are plenty of ways around it. If your kid resorts to them, you weren’t going to stop them anyway. We parent (a lot) regarding intentions and only use technology to try and prevent honest accidents or very momentary lapses in judgment.

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Biggest problem we’ve had is random forums that might mostly be fine but might also contain some terrible stuff. Just want to help honest kids stay honest :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, that will be nearly impossible without cutting out specific forums and finding alternative ones on the same subject with nicer people. Forums are tough to navigate for kids (and adults)! Good luck!

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Cloudflare; hands down. I’m an OpenDNS/Umbrella convert but recently switched over after my license ran out. If you deploy warp on the endpoint you can get very granular with controls. I tried nextdns for awhile, but DNS resolution was slow comparatively speaking and really didn’t like the way iOS devices are controlled after the iOS updates.