Best "pester me" app?

What do y’all use for the “pester me” kinds of reminders?

For example, I have some medication I need to take right about the time of my first and last meal of the day. Sometimes that’ll be 8:00 AM / 4:00 PM, sometimes it’ll be a little bit later depending on what’s going on.

So a nice reminder list that I could snooze for a bit, plus easily dismiss later.

I find that Reminders isn’t great for me, as it keeps wanting to notify me on my Mac and the method for dismissing things from Notification Center requires me clicking on “Options” then “Complete”. And on my iOS device it seems that sometimes it registers two taps, which clears tomorrow’s reminders.

I’d like something that pesters me until I confirm that it’s done, but that’s easy to clear out when it is done. iOS only is more than fine.

Any suggestions?

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I use Due for this! It works perfectly for this sort of thing, each item can have a custom snooze interval, and when something pops up you can complete it or snooze it right there. I recently had a 2 week course of antibiotics and used Shortcuts to add the 28 reminders to Due for me easily.


+1 for Due


Due, yes. I use it not that often but it does the job perfectly when needed.


+1 for Due.

I don’t load up Due with more than 2 or three reminders per day, so that it is useful but not so annoyingly pushy that I want to uninstall it.


If my wife and daughters fail me in this respect I use the reminders app :wink:


Due - 100%. Perfect app for this.

I have gone the complete CGP Grey on Due, I use it to remind me everything I need to remember to do, even down to things like empty the kitchen bin, fill the cold water jug, lunchbox to fridge at office, empty office fridge on Friday, etc. It’s just easier than the consequences of forgetting something during a busy day. I find it’s flexibility on repeats, multi platform support (tick off, snooze and add on whatever device you’re on) very helpful.

Same approach here: girlfriend does most of the pestering and OmniFocus+Remiders do the rest.

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I used to use Due for this — until it simply stopped reminding me at all. I didn’t look into it, just deleted the app and switched to an alarm in the Clock app, which is 100% reliable at getting me to take my medication at the right time. I can snooze it, but rarely do because I set a sound that makes me jump out of my skin so I make darn sure I take the meds and then dismiss or cancel the alarm.


This happened to me. Turns out I had ignored a couple of alarms for too long (I.e.many days). As soon as I marked them done, it resumed “pestering me”.

Due. Hands down. There is really no comparison IMO!

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Maybe I missed something, I thought I had cleared the decks of any so the “next” alarm would be the following day and it still didn’t work.

I did have greater requirements when I started using it like this, now I just have one time in the evening, so the alarm is enough.

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Another plus for Due on macOS is that it sits right on the menu bar. The interface is simple. And so it’s quick to get in and out of it to check off something that’s due or check status on everything else coming up. Reminders and Calendar (and other apps) involve a lot more friction.

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Here’s the link for the app

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Due is great, and I use it too. But I’d also like to put in a good word for the app 2Do, which has this same feature. I have used 2Do for this for years, and although I’m kinda switching back to Due now, 2Do is still a good app and worth a look:

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I loved 2Do, this is the only app that leverages the helper to allow creating note with “Quick Entry” even when the app is not opened (Quit).

Some things to consider about 2Do: the macOS app has not been updated for almost a year. The nagging feature on macOS works only with the custom 2Do notification—not system notification— and it won’t nag if you discard the first notification. The sync is also slow. On the iOS, the app has not been updated for more than 3 months IIRC, and the dev has not implemented iOS 14 widget.

Sad state of the app. The solo developer blogged that they acquired BusyCal and BusyContact, so I wondered if it is the problem of to many app to manage.

I use Due again. I abandoned it earlier this year for because Due’s sync sometime is slow. Then I say “ah what the hell”, and switched back to Things + Due for my task and repeated notifications.