Best place to purchase digital videos


I am wondering; what is the best service to purchase movies from?
Background: I used to purchase movies from iTunes, however once, and for no specific reason, one of my movies that I purchased is no longer available. And Apple asked me to download the movie, before I lose access to it.
So just wondering, is there a reliable service that I can use to purchase movies?

Thanks everyone!

YouTube has a section for movies that allows you to download them and view them offline.

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I imagine it was the studio rather than Apple who removed the movie. That could happen with any of the big players. It used to happen to me with music with one particular vendor. You would go onto the site and discover songs or albums were just not there anymore

The advantage of Apple over Google or Amazon is that Apple allows you to download onto your computer the others don’t, so at least you can back them up.

Assuming you are not going to pirate, the most reliable (by which I think you mean access will not be revoked) way is to buy a physical disk and rip it.

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I agree. I’ve also had movies disappear from iTunes, and I have others I did not purchase in my account. I even have duplicates of two I did not buy.

But I rarely buy movies anymore. Almost every movie I have ever purchased from iTunes, or on disk, is now available to watch for free (occasionally with ads) on various streaming services.

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You can use MoviesAnywhere to sync your purchases between multiple libraries. Here’s what mine looks like and the additional services available to connect. However, I can’t say what happens if a movie is deleted as that’s not happened to any of mine. MoviesAnywhere is operated by Disney so I would rate it as fairly trustworthy.

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