Best place to sell my old Apple gear?

What’s the best place to sell or exchange old Apple equipment nowadays? I have an iPhone 6 lying around, a 2010 iPad, a 2015 MacBook Air, a 2013-ish iPad Air, a 2010 MacBook Pro, and maybe some other detritus from my years of packrattery. What’s the best place to get rid of those and get some cash, or at least dispose of them responsibly?

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Perhaps something to consider is donating them to a non-profit that will clean them up and configure them for redistribution to folks who might not otherwise be able to afford such items.

Our county library runs and annual computer donation event with a such a non-profit, with equipment going to local school students. We had a few old iMacs gathering dust we “disposed of responsibly” this way.


That’s a good thought. I’d like to know about options for sales, too, however.

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Another current thread has a little traction.