Best practice for calendar sharing?

Is there a best practice for calendar sharing?

My wife and I have a shared family calendar for the last few years. Everything goes in there so that we know what’s going on.

However with new responsibilities for certain projects, I need to schedule out many 1:1 meetings that overtake every evening.

If I want to keep the info private, I end up putting everything on my personal calendar, but then re-adding everything to the family calendar without the identifying information but this seems tedious.

I tried giving access to my wife to another calendar but without seeing details and it just shows ‘busy’ which isn’t bad, but super ugly and no way to format anything.

What does everyone else do? What are some of your best practices?

I have a Home calendar that I share with family, and a Work calendar that I don’t. Both in iCloud. Could do the same in Google or other.

If you’re using Fantastical or some other calendaring app, it’s usually easy to designate the calendar when creating an event, something like this:

Visit bakery to get cake and candy for the dentist /h


Finalize IPO plans with Goldman Sachs /w

for “Home” or “Work” calendars.

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